One of the biggest questions about real estate I get asked by friends is what they need a real estate agent for if they are planning to buy a house. At this point, they bring up house-hunting websites like Zillow, Trulia, and even my own website, where you can search the MLS all on your own and find homes for sale, without the help of an agent.

I always tell them that these sites are great because they give you a real chance to see what is out there. The reality is that Zillow and Trulia aren’t always updated properly, so without an agent you might assume you’ve found your dream home only to learn that it was sold two weeks ago. Still, the chance for you to really look at what kinds of homes are out there and how much they might cost, can be an invaluable opportunity, whether or not you decide to go to a realtor when you’re ready to buy a home.

Still, some buyers don’t care that the sites aren’t updated. They are still willing to go it alone without an agent. However, the reality is that a good agent saves you more than time or money. They look for ways to reduce stress and add genuine value to your home buying process. That is what got me into the business of helping clients buy and sell real estate, and that is what I would like to do for you!


Providing easy access to an Experienced Lender!

The first piece of value I always think of when it comes to helping my home-buying clients comes in the form of an excellent and experienced lender. Not all lenders are the same! In fact, having the right one will change the entire real estate experience.

Mortgage Lenders often are able to take advantage of the same rates and the same programs. They even charge the same fees in a lot of cases. Even if one lender is waiving a fee for you or another is offering a slightly lower rate, at the end of the day most of the time your bottom line is going to be pretty close to even no matter how many lenders you visit.

The most important attribute in a good mortgage lender is someone that can see the entire picture. You want someone that is able to anticipate problems before something is out of control. You want someone responsive, understanding of your needs, and that values your business. If your lender is not on the ball, and incorrectly packages your mortgage, then by the time it gets to the underwriter it’s going to be declined. That’s stress that you don’t need! Instead, I will recommend you work with a lender who will ensure that you are properly taken care of from day one.  Our preferred lenders are extremely knowledgeable about a wide variety of loan programs available for First Time Homebuyers, and Veterans, as well as move up buyers and those looking to refinance.


Once you have a great mortgage lender on your side, and you’re sure that you’ve found the house of your dreams, you need to understand what the proper offer would be for that house.

This is when many people begin to look at sites like Zillow, which has an automated value system for the homes on their website. Naturally, it’s going to be hard to put a computerized value on any home as the computer has a very hard time looking inside the house. A computer cannot determine if the house has upgrades, or if it has been well taken care of. Investigations into the reliability of “Zestimates,” Zillow’s automated value system, have shown that the system is off by as much as 6%. To put this into perspective, if you had a house that was selling for $350,000 that would be a difference of close to $25,000! That is a loan changing difference. You could spend hundreds on home inspections and appraisals only to find that in the end you wouldn’t be able to get the loan necessary to buy the home!

A buyer’s agent will help you look at homes that are comparable to what you want and what you can afford. They will be able to fully understand and account for necessary adjustments in price that would be based on things like upgrades or area, and they will help you come up with a fair and responsible value for the home you are interested in owning.

My website can provide you with a better idea of how much your dream home might be worth, but even that uses public data and is really only an estimate. A computer program is no substitute for a living, breathing, realtor that has the experience in the area where you’re looking for a new home.

Once you’ve found the house, been approved and qualified by a mortgage lender, and have looked at comparable properties to make price adjustments, it’s time to move on to the next steps in the home buying process.


After you find the house and have been approved, we will need to create a deal that ensures that you reach your goal of homeownership. The important thing is that we create a deal that is not only a win for you, but also a fair deal for the seller. This ensures a smooth transition. Rather than trying to be pushy, you need a deal that will get you what you need, but still has a high level of attractiveness to the current owner of the home. I can help make that happen!

You need someone that can help package a deal that protects you if there is a problem with the appraisal. You need someone to ensure that you walk into your new home and still have a little bit of money. You need to have someone in your corner that will help you get a house for the price you want, not just one that you can afford. If we’re working together I will make sure that we can create a deal that will help you to accomplish your goals!


If you’re like the majority of families in this country, buying a home is going to be one of the biggest financial transactions you will ever make. It’s not something you can enter into lightly, because it is something that will have a huge impact on your life. It should be noted that this is a process that causes the average family a lot of stress and worry throughout the entire home-buying experience. Many families will purchase two, maybe three homes over the span of their life. It’s natural that this is a stressful time in your life. However, when you’re dealing with an experienced realtor that has handled tons of closings, you can set some of your fears aside, and know that you have help in this process. I will guide you through each step, and you can be assured that if something happens, I have dealt with it before, and know how to handle it now, for you!

I want to help take the stress off of your family. I have an entire team that will be there to help you when something comes up. Whether it’s an issue on the financial side or something to do with the home and repairs it may need, we will be there to help guide you and take care of any problems before they become huge issues. With me on your side, the stressful process of buying a home will become a more seamless, easy process that gives your family the comfort and confidence you need to head into the future with your new home.

I can’t guarantee that you won’t have a problem come up during the home buying process. What I can promise is that I take my responsibility as your realtor seriously, and I will do all I can to protect your interests all the way through the home buying process. I won’t stop trying to make sure your experience is as stress-free as possible.

A great realtor knows their job well enough to anticipate problems, and begin solving them before you are ever forced to deal with them on your own. I look forward to showing you that I am that kind of realtor!


No two home buying experiences are guaranteed to be the same. Things are going to come up. There is no question about it. On the positive side, you can be sure that I will be here with my entire team to handle each problem with ease, so that you don’t have to go at it alone. I will walk with you through each and every step of the process to ensure that your best interest is protected and that you are satisfied with the outcome of your home buying experience.

From the minute you decide to buy a home, until you’re completely satisfied with the process, and your new home has been closed on and moved into, I will be by your side. There will be ups and downs, but I will always be in your corner, fighting to see that your needs are met. You may not get everything you want, but we will do the best we can to ensure that your basic requests are fulfilled and that you are happy with the outcome.

Not only that, but if you have small things you wanted to get done to the home that weren’t done by the owners, we can help you achieve those goals. We can recommend people to help you refinish your new deck or to remodel your kitchen. Whatever you need, if it comes to your new home, we will be there for you every step of the way.

Any standard buyer’s agent can help you find a home. A great buyer’s agent differs because they are there for you from the moment you begin looking until after you close on the home. They actually care about your home buying process. I am that kind of agent and I promise to be there for you!

If you have any questions about owning a home or wish to begin the home buying process, please Drop me a line.  I am here day and night, to serve you in your dream of owning a home!

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