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We love South Florida.  It is where we live, eat, play and do business.  We enjoy the cafes and restaurants in the early evenings and watch little league games on the weekends.  The residents are our friends and its backyards are where we relax over a great BBQ, watching the sun set over the Everglades.  The internet doesn’t live here, we do.

This is our life and we can’t wait to share it with you.

At Franco & Ford, the buying process always starts with getting to know you.

The internet will show you things like square foot size or bedrooms and baths, but It can’t help you find that undefinable essence that would equal home. Is it the quality of the light or finely turned detail in the living room? Is it the way the floor plan flows, seamlessly, into the backyard, or is it the odd uncategorized space just perfect to indulge in your hobby?  Our Franco & Ford Buyer Specialists take the time to find out what home means to you.

From there we dig a little deeper, finding out the best way to arrange finances and ideal timing for a move. At this point we know what you want, how you want it and when. It is time to go shopping.

Your Franco & Ford Buyer Specialist has just one responsibility – you. They are uniquely trained and focused on making sure that you get the best of the best and on your terms.
This means they are faster, more responsive and more knowledgeable about buying conditions in your chosen area. Franco & Ford uses technology in exactly the way you are most comfortable with, and we will let no detail go unnoticed and no issue go unaddressed. We have sold hundreds and hundreds of homes over the past decade. If it’s a bad deal we will know it- and we will share that knowledge with you.

Once you enter into escrow, the Franco & Ford staff kicks into high gear. We work furiously behind the scenes, coordinating the myriad of tasks and people involved in every real estate transaction, and through it all, we keep you informed and aware of all your options.

At every stage of the process, we strive to dig deeper than is expected of us, so you don’t just end up with a great deal on a great house, but a home in all the ways that are meaningful to you alone. We strive for matching that unique you-ness with an ideal space for you to live you.


We give you the tools to start your home search now.

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