Only a few months into 2018 and the new year is already proving to be a great one for the housing market. This is even truer for homeowners that have properly prepared their home to sell. While there is an overwhelming amount of things to think about when selling your home, figuring out how to prepare it for listing doesn’t have to be one of them. Here are 9 things that you can do to sell your home quickly.


Depending on how your walls look you might not need to necessarily repaint your entire house, in a lot of cases a simple touch up will go a long way. This can definitely help in remedying situations where accent walls and brightly colored kids rooms need to be toned down. Additionally, touching up certain areas of the home like around the bathtub, toilet, or where pictures were previously hung can make a noticeable difference.


While we all clean on a regular basis, it is not that often that we have the time or energy to give our homes deep thorough cleanings; under the stove, behind the fridge, and under the couches are all prime examples of areas that for many people do not get cleaned on a daily or even monthly basis. When you are selling your home, you want it to look as if it is in as close to perfect condition as ever.


Many people forget that the outside of their home is what makes the first impression on anyone; from the person walking their dog down your street, to your children’s playdate, to a perspective buyer. By caring for your yard, making sure that walkways are in good condition, flower beds are full of bloom and the lawn is trimmed you will be providing everyone that walks by your home with a great initial impression of the entire property.


You want your home to look great online as that is where a good majority of the buyers are coming from. You want as many great photos as you can take so that buyers will get a better idea of what the house looks like before they tour it. If you decide to work with us to sell your house, we hire a professional photographer to come into your home and take photos that showcase the home. We also have a professional videographer come through the home and take a detailed video walk-through of the home. Over the last few years, drones have taken the real estate industry by storm with their ability to provide unique and detailed photographs and videos of properties.


One of the biggest things that people look for when buying a house is storage, for that reason, it is absolutely necessary that you de-clutter your house. This does not mean that you have to get rid of your stuff; however, packing up books photos, albums, movies, out of season clothing, etc that you do not need while the house is listed will make your home seem 100% more organized, and clean.


It’s a fact, staged homes sell faster than non-staged homes. Buyers like to walk in and see a finished house. Staging your home properly makes a huge difference. Staging is about striking the right balance between defining a space and still allowing a perspective buyer to see all that it could be. I bring in a professional stager for all the homes that I list. This allows you to relax and let someone else take care of it, and gives you peace of mind that it is being done right.


Finding the right real estate agent for you will make your entire real estate transaction experience a whole lot easier. Not only will you have someone on your side, and able to help you navigate your way through the steps of buying and selling a home, but they are also able to help you complete these steps, by taking or bringing someone in to take the photos, or bringing in a stager.


Believe it or not, even the smallest change can make the biggest impact. Changing minor fixtures, or updating the lighting in a certain room can help to add a touch of modern or rustic charm to your home, adding to the overall style, and it’s presentation. This does not have to be an expensive thing to do, a great example is to update the handles on your kitchen cabinets or your faucet in the bathroom.


Houses need work that is no secret, however, if your house needs work such as new siding, or a replacement pipe that can be daunting to a lot of perspective buyers- and can be trouble for you if you are not aware of it. By having a pre-inspection done you are able to find out what areas of your home need attention before the home is on the market. This allows you to fix the issues before a buyer has to ask for them.

These are just 9 quick tips to selling your home quickly, they will also help maximize your homes saleability!

Feel free to Contact Me with any help that you need whether you’re buying or selling a home. I can answer all of your questions and see that the most important financial decisions your family is making are some of the easiest ones!

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